Thursday, July 21, 2011

July's Glossybox

I'm going to do something a bit different.  I'm not going to reveal the content of July's box, because I have my skepticism about not only this company, but their marketing department, so instead of revealing the contents (like most bloggers will do), I'm going to save the reveals for next month (my last month) and do a comparison and overall review of this company after being with them for 3 months.  I'll tell you why... last month, Glossybox had some really bad publicity and tons of complaints stemming from their decision to charge shipping and for giving a low end product in the box.  My complaint was a bit deeper than that.  It was the fundamental issue of how they were presenting the shipping charges.  They claim that they were doing us a complimentary shipping for the first 4 months, but there was no mention anywhere (not even in the small fine print) that after 4 months shipping charges would be added on.   A lot of people bought it, but if you ever studied marketing, you'd know this was a load of bs.  That left a very bad taste in my mouth for this new company (that I eagerly promoted as well). expected this month's box was fantastic with 4 full size items and 1 deluxe sample.  Of course they had to do something spectacular in order to wash over the bad publicity from last month.  kudos, but this box has always been and will always be a box with 5 samples, so somewhere down the line, glossybox will have to return to that and people are going to be upset naturally.  After this month's rave reviews, I have a feeling that next month's box won't be as amazing as this month's box.  But we shall see.  For a company that argued last month that they were only entitled to giving samples and that they full size items were a bonus, it's funny they pulled out 4 full size products this month.  But I refuse to toot their horn for them, because that is exactly what their marketing dept wants the bloggers to do in order to get the buzz out there.

Sorry but a rouge bunny rouge giveaway on facebook and twitter won't let me forget how they tried to say that they were doing us a favor by giving us complimentary shipping when in fact, someone in their accounting/business plan they didn't factor in their cost and therefore having to charge shipping in hindsight.  It would have been more genuine and more ethical if they just said...'whoops guys, we f-ed up, we hope you support us and continue your patronage after we have to charge £3 for shipping'.  I mean it's just £3, but if you're going to be sneaky about it, you ain't getting a penny.  And it's hilarious that the people who won the RBR giveaway were actually the same people who was complaining the most on their facebook page and campaigning the "we hate glossybox" march.  Their tune sure changed once they won something. lol.

I'll wait until next month to make up my mind about them, but this camper isn't happy with them.  I'm not that easily duped by marketing gloss overs.  We'll see.

So all I'll say is, it was predictable that they made this month's box was better than any their previous boxes.

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