Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's that in the sky? It's.....SPACE NAILS!

OK. So I have a bit of an obsession about space things right now.  First it started with a gift exchange on a forum themed as "Secret Astronaut", then it was watching this movie called "Sunshine", playing with left over glow and dark star stickers (yep I regress to a child some days :p), and now it's SPACE NAILS!

Here's my first try on space nails. I found the tutorial on nails by asami and I loved the idea.  I did however deviate from her rules a bit to get different effects.

just testing out different options with different polishes

Here's a set I made for a friend:

Materials used:
Kitchen towel/paper towel
Chanel Black Satin
George - Twister (matt finish)
Sally Hansen - DVD
Funky Fingers - Baby Baby Baby
OPI - Original DS
Revlon - Belle
Barry M - Hologram hexagram
Color Club - Worth the risque
Color Club - Revvvolution

Now Asami's rules were very clear and easy:

1. First apply matte black nail polish. Any dark colour works on the bottom, if you really want to make it matte, you can just get a matte finisher as well.  My recommendation is going to Asda and picking up their black nail polish and matte finisher for only £2 combined.

2. Take a holographic polish and place onto a patterened napkin/paper towel and in a sponging effect start dabbing the nails.

3.  Take a duochrome polish and do the same as above

Step 2 and 3 will give that misty floating space mass effect

4. Apply any glitter polish.  This will mimick the stars. I was lucky to have a hologram glitter, so I placed the Barry M hologram hexagram first and then topped it again with Revlon Belle.

What I love the best about Space nails is that, no 2 nails will look the same.  It's an easy and very cool looking nail art.  As much as I like nail art, I find a lot of it is too "kawaii" inspired, and some of the more extreme kawaii just isn't my style. So this type of nail art is just what I like.

I'll be doing a lot more of these space nails. I need to find a cheap black polish, since I don't want to use up my entire bottle of Chanel just for this haha.  I'll be going to Asda and picking up my £1 black polish from the George line soon.

Have you guys tried space nails? What techniques and/or polishes do you use?


  1. Never tried space nails... but wow! Very cool. Have you worn them yet?

  2. Thanks! Well I don't wear falsies personally, these were for a friend :)
    but I will be trying them on my natural nails :) They look so much better in person! have fun!!!!!!!xx