Saturday, July 2, 2011

Inglot 10 Square Eyeshadow Freedom Palette

I can't believe that after all these months I still haven't reviewed my favourite eyeshadow palette.  I did do my initial post about going to visit Inglot at the Garden State Plaza in Parmus, NJ. I raved about the customer service, the products, and even did a haul shot, but I wanted to show you just how fabulous these eye shadows are.

I have compared Inglot eyeshadows to the likes of Dior shadow due to the silky, smooth texture and to the almost non existent fall out as well.  Sure, there are other eye shadows that are as soft as these (i.e. Chantecaille, I recently learned), but they are honestly by far the best pigmented.  What you see in the pan is what you get, and at $4.50 per shadow (if you purchase the 10 eyeshadow freedom palette), this is not only a bargain, but THE BEST EYESHADOW BARGAIN AVAILABLE!

What is a freedom 10 palette? Basically it's a palette that you fill up with 10 shadows that you want.  It's simple, and you can go into the shop and pick it up, or order via phone or internet.  In the U.K., we have one at Westfields.  I have yet to go, because I'm a bit annoyed that despite Inglots being a European company, that it is more expensive here (double the price basically).  But I will cave and eventually get another palette one day, because they are just worth it!!

So here is my palette and I have written the eyeshadow names under each pan picture for you.  I think there are 2 very tiny tiny complaints about Inglot.  The first being their number naming system.  I am never going to remember what number I have...ever, and the second being that there is no easy way of taking out the eyeshadows once it magnets itself to the palette.  The best way is to turn the palette over and hit the back of it.  Your eyeshadows will fall out.  Don't be like me and try to pry it out with a safety pin or needle, because as the pictures below will show you....I knicked my eyeshadows :(

Top Row
See how shimmery and rich they look?

DS 459

Pearl 397

AMC Shine 30

Pearl 402

DS 500


DS 483

DS 498

Pearl 423

Pearl 444

AMC Shine 37

I can't say enough about how much I love these eyeshadows. I haven't even pulled out my MAC 10 eyeshadow palette ever since I got these.  I have even gone as far as swapping out my MAC eyeshadows, because the texture is just not as good as Inglot and neither is the pigmentation...shocker, I know! Because I use to love MAC. MAC was my first makeup obsession, but I am getting older and wiser :)  
I love these eyeshadows and honestly, I don't know if there are any better currently on the market.  I will be trying Edward Bess soon, and I'll report back.

Now some other information about the palettes:

It closes shut with 4 magnet corners

and for reference, the square pans are actually taller than most eyeshadows (i.e. MAC)

Sorry my palette isn't in pristine condition.  That is the life of a palette, there is always some sort of cosmetic dust on it, especially if you use it.

 I know my next one will be more of a neutral palette for sure.
I would love to hear and see freedom palettes by other people.

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