Saturday, July 23, 2011

NOTD: OPI Jade is the new black NFU OH 71 and so much more

I was all ready to write this post about my nails, and then I saw online that Amy Winehouse was found dead today at 4pm.  I know a lot of people either hate her or really hate her.  I'm not going to go into the troubled singers drug habits and other issues she got herself into, but I'm going to focus on her voice....and I absolutely loved her back to black album.  This is rare coming from me, since I think pop music is the root of all evils (just kidding), but I really did love her voice, and saddened that someone so talented would go into a downward and terminal path.  Sigh..... here's to another wonderful talent lost.

Anyways, today is a bit gloomy, all very fitting for today's events.  I did manage to hop by my local garden party.  What is a garden party? Geez, I'm in the countryside right now ain't I? lol, but I went and got to see what my local neighborhood people looked like, and there were some car boot sales, so I haggled and annoyed some british people today hahaha.

But before all that, I'll show what polish I wore.  First I put on OPI's Jade is the New black, and I actually quite liked it...but lately I've been very bored of just cremes, so I put on Nfu Oh 71 on top.

The Nfu Oh warmed up this polish with it's iridescent gold shimmer.

So I have to show you just how gloomy it was today.
gloomy skies

My new sterling silver ring that I haggled down to £1.50

Never tried MeMeMe, I know this brand is sold in superdrugs, but not at my local one, so I was able to pick this up for 50p.  I did test it out and the pigmentation was exactly as I expected, shimmery pinks. I don't know why I bought it hahah, must have been just the allure of the price.  Off it goes to swapping :)  

Sorry all, I'm just not all in the blogging mood it seems.  It's quite sad day today.  I don't like to see people who suffer from depression and drug abuse, I've seen that far too many times in my life. I don't think it's quite all about Amy winehouse dying, but just reminds me of losing my friend, who was also a musician, a while back.  

RIP Phil, we still miss you. 

So I wanted to close off this post with one of my favourite songs from Amy Winehouse.

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