Monday, July 11, 2011

George Nail Polish: Hoax and Under the Sea

I had to go to Asda today to pick up garlic, what a great excuse right?  What I really went there for was to get some George polishes for friends.

I picked up two jewel tone nail polishes in Hoax and Under the Sea.  They looked gorgeous in the bottle, and I wanted to show you all just how great these inexpensive polishes were like:

While I was there, I also saw a really well behaved and HUGE German Shepherd that looked just like my Oscar, just 10 times the size of him lol

Now only if Oscar would sit there still if I left him outside a shop. Fat chance really.


  1. Pretty!!

    And that dog is adorable!! I didn't know there were white shepherds!

  2. Neither did I lol
    But oscar is still cuter :p