Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Revlon Scented Nail Polish: Peach Smoothie, Ocean Breeze, Cotton Candy

Scented nail polish? What are they going to come up with next.  I don't think there is anyone who actually likes the smell of nail polish, so we don't really make practice to smell our nails, BUT...if you actually like to sniff your fingers, these are perfect for you.

I'm giving my nails a bit of a rest, so I'm going to have a lot of swatches up soon instead of NOTD.  The acetone is drying out my cuticles, so it's time to pamper them with some cuticle oils for a bit :)

Today I have 3 revlon scented polishes that I got in a recent swap...
Ocean Breeze, Peach Smoothie, and Cotton Candy - and yes to my huge surprise, all three smelled exactly as I expected from their names.

Ocean Breeze

Ocean breeze smells more like a sporty men's cologne, but I see why they called it that. The colour is quite lovely, but sheer. It took about 4 thin layers to get a good opaque colour.  Very much a peacock green shade.

Peach Smoothie

Smells like peach lol
It's a nude/mannequin colour with micro gold shimmer
It was a nightmare to apply and still after 4 coats looks streaky

Cotton Candy

Once again, smells like cotton candy
and is pink lol - very convincing Revlon lol
It is a baby sheer pink with gold shimmer,
 but that disappears on the nails and you are left with a creme.
This is also streaky and quite sheer, so you will need about 3-4 coats.

Well so what do I think of these?
Formulas are nightmare, concept is fun.
I am glad I got to try them and smelled them, but 
I will give up fun for a banging colour, which neither of these three presented,
except for Ocean breeze.

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