Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I love Cult Beauty - Proper Customer Service Rave

I am very open and vocal about how I feel about customer service.  To me, Customer service makes or breaks a company and previously I have dealt with tons of customer service and I also applied this to my professional work as well.  If you are in sales, you are representing not yourself, but also the product.  A lot of companies have failed to train their staff with this simple fundamental basics.

I have had nothing but excellent customer service with cultbeauty.com recently.  A product arrived defected, and I emailed them with a video that I took to show the defect, since I'm not very good with mechanical terms.  So basically not only did they respond the same day, but they offered to send me a replacement without having to return the defected product.  That saved me time and trouble to make it to the post office.  I really appreciated this level of understanding, care, and prompt attention.  I opted for a credit back instead of a new product, and they gave me no issues.

How many times have we been disappointed by a company because we got a defective product? And how many times do companies aggravate you further by not rectifying it immediately.  Well at cult beauty, you won't get that.  And as a disclosure, I was not paid to say this, this is actually how I truly feel about this company.

Absolutely the best customer service that I have received in a very very VERY long time.  That is why I felt prompted to write this rave about their company.  Honestly, I'm very quick to jump on a company for any flaw, because I feel that our business is what keeps them alive and I refuse to be treated poorly when I am spending my hard earned money, so it is rare that I give a rave, but in this case, I really felt that cult beauty deserved it.  They took a problem and fixed it and left me feeling happy and content.  I wish all the companies were like this.  Whoever trained the customer service division at Cult Beauty has done it quite well.  Congrats! You just found a repeat customer in me.

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