Friday, July 15, 2011

NOTD: Sephora for OPI 212

Are you guys sick of seeing photos of Sephora for OPI's 212?  I remember seeing this many years ago when I wasn't into nail polish so much.  I loved it so much for it's name and it's colour, but I didn't bite and it is something I have regretted for a long time.  Recently Sephora decided to restock 212 and a whole bunch of nail polish addicts jumped at that opportunity.  If you're from the UK, the closest dupe is Topshop Gyspy Night (which is still available in a trio pack online). 

I love 212 for the blackened almost black green base, copper flakies, and iridescent glitters that float amongst it.  The copper reminds me of rusting steel, the base reminds me of what the concrete streets look like after it's rained a little, and the glitter is obviously suppose to represent the city with the billion bright lights.  I just can't say enough about 212 nor NY.  I always told myself that 212 was my 2nd home.  

So I can't say enough about this nail polish, if you don't have it...GET IT! I'm going to want a backup for this sometime soon for sure.

Thank you Mr. Sun for coming out to play today :) I was able to get some good pictures of the floating glitters and flakies.

There's Oscar looking so sad for some reason awww.  He's been fighting with the neighbors cat all morning.

I'll be drawings names for the winner of my first blog giveaway in 30 minutes!
Good luck everyone :)

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