Saturday, July 23, 2011

Balmain, you kill me!

Ok, so by now you guys know that I do talk a little bit about fashion and the things that I absolutely love that I see, so this is one of those posts. Sorry not beauty related, so you can just skip it :)

It still baffles me at just how much money really circulates out there, and I was reminded today just how exclusive and expensive Balmain really was.

In my fairytale world, I have access to the Balmain collection.  I guess unless you are a kpop singer like 2ne1, or a wealthy and successful person, or just fortunate to have a trust fund, this outfit is feasible, but for me, I will just have to admire it from afar.

This is CL from 2ne1, a popular kpop group.  They apparently dressed her up in all Balmain and spent just a small price of $183,000...which ended up being more than the production of the actual video...still trying to figure out how they got that to work, since I heard that Balmain doesn't dress celebrities for free. Maybe there's some misinformation there.

photo from 2ne1's website

I happen to just like the photo in general, but that jacket and top is just killing me today.
I believe the retail of this combo cost somewhere around $15,000, but upon investigation today, it is on sale and you can get it now for around $4500 LOL
Only 4500 lol...I can't believe it cost that much.

A long time ago, I had a bit of a shoe addiction...
anyhoo, My Balmain shoes would go so great with this outfit too....sigh.

Sorry about the poor picture, but it's very punk inspired cross strapped heels by Balmain.

Maybe I can pray that Balmain does a collab with H&M and I can wait in line like all the other lunatics at night to access to the collection ;)

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