Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boots Botanics Bodycare Nourishing Body Butter

I love this body butter so much, and I know I've been moaning a lot lately about how dry my skin is, and I'm using this lotion and that lotion and now I've finally found something that is reasonably priced and works!

Boots Botanics line is suppose to be products that include ingredients from plant extracts.  It is similar to companies such as Aveda and Origins. For £4 (or cheaper during Boots 3 for 2 sale), I got a large 450ml/15.2 us fl oz. size tub.  At first I feared it would be light and airy despite being called a body butter, because of it's price (sort of like how The Body Shop's body butters are, but when I went to get my first scoop, it was quite hard and a little went a long way when it melted.  Just the way body butters should be. So I was quite happy about that.

I also love the scent.  The label reads Honey and grapeseed oil, but honestly I don't smell neither of those products, in fact it smells very "green" to me and fresh.  Another bonus.

It also is not sticky - another bonus!

So many good things to say about this product.  I'm so happy it's affordable and it works.

I highly recommend this body butter if you skin is parched for moisture and you particularly like green scents - Oh and don't mind spending £4 for a huge tub either :)

**Updated review***

I have to change my recommendation of this body butter after prolonged use.  If you apply too much lotion, it begins to flake on you.  This is my #1 pet peeve in lotions, and unfortunately this lotion does the same thing if you apply too much.  I do sometimes like to over saturate my skin, especially on dry patches.  I will not be buying this product again because of this reason.  I still believe that for the price, you do get tons of product, but I just can't stand the flaking.


  1. Ha-ha. That color reminds me of Japanese Green Tea. I want to eat it.

  2. oh man, you just made me think of green tea ice cream yum!