Monday, July 4, 2011

Copperized Glitter "Franken" Polish

I really love Deborah Lippmann's Superstar and I really don't know why I didn't pick that up before coming here, since DL polishes are £16 at House of Fraser and I refuse to pay that much, when it is only $16-$18 in the I ventured out to make my own copper glitter goodness.  A month or so ago, I bought this glitter from my local craft store for £1 and then I bought a George top coat with gold glitter.  The gold glitter was very sparse, so really I just bought it for the clear base.  A total of £2 spent and roughly 10 minutes of my time and this is what was created....TADAH...

The glitter was black glitter with copper glitter, so I was very pleased to get an opaque polish, I just loaded in the glitter.  The only issue was that I got major shrinkage after I used my poshe topcoat.  I think next time, I will have to put in less glitter and perfects add a black polish or wear this over black polish.  Overall, I'm so pleased with the way my franken turned out!  Copper goodness! Until I get around to buying the Superstar polish, this will have to hold me over.

So after making that, and doing some major major house cleaning. My in laws decided to dig out 20+ years of items from their attic, so of course I was there to see if there were any antiques hahaha.  What I did come across was 10+ years of my husband's record and cd collection and I've been having a ball going through them all!  I forget sometimes that my husband has been in this business for years and years, and I'm finding some really awesome promo cd's from artists from way back when :)

And of course, Oscar was going nuts running around seeing what we were all doing, so he was zonked out by the end of the night.  I couldn't stop laughing, because look at this boy, he looks like a pot belly pig here! He is so tired here, he's actually snoring and he has his teeth out hahahaha....oh the joys of having a precious doggie.

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