Saturday, July 30, 2011

NOTD: Skinfood Nail Vita Polish in VL408

This baby arrived this morning all the way from Korea. Sort of like me :) Well you all know how I feel about number systems with most asian nail products...I hate it. It's a fact, we like names with our polishes, sigh...Anyways, this is VL408 from SkinFood.  I am new to this brand, even though I have heard it many times.  Skinfood is like your equilvalent drugstore brand/chemist brand, and like I said from Korea.  

VL408 is a purple/blue "blurple" shimmery jeweltone polish with blue and copper microglitters floating in it.  I love the packaging.  It looks very organic and almost something that should be sold at wholefoods or trader's joe.  I definitely give it up for their simple, but cute packaging.  The full size bottles are 13ml, and will run you anywhere from $4+, so it won't hurt your pockets too badly. I got this for a little over $5 with shipping, if you are near a heavily populated Korean population with big supermarkets and other stores, you will probably have access to this.

This is a one coat polish, slightly on the thick side but for the colour it's forgiven.

I love this polish, it is honestly the beautiful blend of dark blue and dark purple that I have loved ever since purchasing Chanel's Vendetta.  I really need a back up of this soon.

My photos DO NOT do this polish justice.  It completely doesn't show the rich purple jeweltone that is prevalent in real life, nor the different microglitters, but trust's there and it shows :)

Gorgeous ain't it? I love it!!

Has anyone tried Skinfood? What do you think of it? And the better question is, is there anywhere in the UK that I can buy skinfood without importing it from Korea?

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