Friday, July 1, 2011

Charity Shopping Haul

So....I am a huge charity shop (thrift/vintage store) junkie.  I need to be more active in showing you guys what I get, but I have gotten some really really good deals and items over the years.  The town I'm in now is outside of London, so it won't have the calibre of charity shops that the city offers, but I still love to go into the shops here, because there is nothing quite like a vintage english shop :).  I found this dress for only £1 and I was thrilled, because not only was it my size, but I have seen dresses exactly like this on the high street for much much more.  Slightly sheer, so I will need to find some sort of slip if I choose to wear it in public, but I have been loving this dress to wear around the house this summer.


Reminds me of Liberty of London, and for only £1, this is a bargain dress to have found.

Speaking of Bargains....
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