Saturday, June 4, 2011

ASOS Haul Part 1: Anatomicals - Another Bloody Shower Gel

Haha - love the name of this shower gel!  I don't consider the word bloody a swear word, but I am assuming that some people do, and actually I find swearing/cursing hilarious. I'm just a tad crude like that (lol - sorry I don't swear on the blog however, so if you are offended, don't worry - keep reading :) )

Anatomicals is a new brand for me. I never heard of it until I saw it on asos.  It is british brand and apparently uses the fact that Victoria Beckham uses this shower gel (or have used it at one point) as their huge marketing push.  I don't think they need it.  Honestly, I have no fascination for Posh spice.  I think anyone with all that money can look hot and sexy.  Sorry, I'm not a beckham fan and never will be, not even when she was a spice girl lol.  But I was curious about this brand due to it's biting humour.

the label is sooo funny, it reads:
"Another bloody shower gel before another bloody boring day at work or another bloody pricey night out on the town, use this refreshing gel. lather up and notice your belly button is a bloody odd shape and that o ur gy sessions should be yielding better bloody results. finally, see the time and think you better get bloody moving"
(other than the horrible grammatical mistakes, that is bloody funny)

The back illustration is just as tongue and cheek, and it reads:
"found in homes, hotels and eerily deserted motels, (Mr. Bates, we notice you haven't re-ordered for a while) this gel will have you screaming for a shower, wash your torso, legs, arms, neck, buttocks...but whatever sex you are, never forget your Hitchcock."

Love the humorous labels, that's actually what I liked about Vitamin water when they first came out, prior to being so post and expensive.

This shower gel has a minty berry scent, and has a slight soapy scent like a dish detergent I once used lol.

I got a generous 250ml bottle for only like £1.85 (back up to a cheap £2.05 now on asos) with shipping included and actually it came out cheaper, because my whole asos order was £5 less due to the diet coke voucher. Good Deal!

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