Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: SUQQU Eye shadow: ex-43 Hakugin

I am a lover of minimalism.  Whether it is visual art, furniture, or clothes.  I especially love anything with a contemporary minimalist spin to it.  The Japanese have this nailed. From their minimalist furniture to beauty products. I saw this brand SUQQU at Selfridges online and I was quite intrigued.  It is sleek, comes in a "plain" black box, the lettering nor packaging is fancy, but it is very chic. It just happens to be one of the most expensive brands that I have ever fancied.

I was obsessed with researching this brand for a week.  After all my online hunting, I was able to obtain an eyeshadow for a mere £2.50.  It was a once in a lifetime find, especially at that price. Amazing deal right?

Ok, so onto the product.  Packaging looks and feels the same as the Armani eye shadows come in.  However, the plastic that the eye shadow comes in is a bit cheap.  It reminds me of how the old Bobbi Brown eyeshadows use to weigh and feel.  Lucky for suqqu, their actual eyeshadow is amazing!!!! They have a 5 out of 5 rating on makeupalley and when the girls at mua don't have anything to complain about, then you know it's a must have product.  I believe this is an older eye shadow hence the price, so I'm not sure how it compares with the more recent versions (which I hope to try out soon), but I have absolutely no complaints about this powder eyeshadow.

it is not a chalky white which I was afraid it might be.  It has a subtle shimmer that is light reflecting and therefore you see small (very small) presence of pink, blue, green, yellow shimmer.  Just enough to reflect light and not make you look like someone threw glitter all over your face during a rave.  It is very pigmented but blends so nicely into your skin.

I am elated to have this in my collection and can not wait until I can acquire some more Suqqu. I'm definitely on a Japanese product kick.  I think we may have a problem Houston! It seems like Suqqu and Hakuhodo is going to take all my money!

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