Friday, June 10, 2011

RANT: Z Palette Customer Service

I'm going to make this very short and sweet, as a response to the most recent e-mail received from Z-palette. This is my blog and I say whatever I wish to say in it. I can talk about whatever I fancy and the point of my blog was always to display items that I purchased that I really enjoy or really don't enjoy.  It's that simple.  When I had issues with Z-palette, I emailed them months ago before my HUGE move overseas.  In the craziness of it all, whether or not I was going to get refunded by Z-palette was way (I mean way way way) in the back of my mind.  Recently I blogged about the condition of my z-palette and I FINALLY got a response back from them.

In the e-mail they stated that it could happen that I got a faulty palette and that if I went to them first (umm..I did that months ago) they would have done something about it, but since I gave them a negative review, they won't do do shi*t. HAHA. That's very mature of Z-palette. Have they ever heard of a honest review? I don't want my money back from them, I could care less at this rate, I was just informing my readers and whoever else that stumbled upon my blog, what my experience with this palette was.

I won't change my review, and in fact I'm going to add that the integrity of this company is very faulty.  They probably pumped a bunch of bloggers with free palettes to get great reviews, but I purchased this with my hard earned money and I will give my review on it if I damn well please.

So Z-Palette - Your idle threat in your email doesn't phase me much, but just fuels me even more to tell the public and warn the consumers that you might get a faulty palette like me.  However, I have read more than one bad review on this palette's cheap cardboard construction and how it wears poorly.  I wonder if their customer service/PR department contacted all those bloggers too and told them they wouldn't refund or send them a new palette if they didn't take their review down. LOL.

If you got a Z-palette and it didn't fall apart on you, that's must have gotten a proper one (like they said it should be), but I didn't and because I voiced my honest opinion on something I paid for, well Z-palette refuses to do anything and instead I woke up to read a nasty very very long e-mail from them.

Thumbs down.  Don't worry I won't be giving them anymore of my money, that's for sure, and if you want to risk getting a palette, well just don't say anything nasty of them, they are quite sensitive lol.


  1. No worries, because of YOUR experience with them, I won't be buying one either.