Saturday, June 25, 2011

June's Lemmings

The weather is so gloomy and dark outside that I decided not to bother doing a review on an item when my photos would look dark, so instead I wanted to share my top high end items that I'm lemming for this month.

The internet is full of eye candy, we can't start our browsers without seeing ads and beautiful things popping in front of us at all times.  So what is a beauty addict suppose to do?  Well what I started to do to make sense of this madness is to write down something that I think I want, then I shorten that list by items that I think I'll want in a year from now, and then I look up reviews online and decide which ones people rave about.  By that point, my huge/out-of-control list will be shrunken down to less than 20 or so items, and I wanted to share with you the top items that I would like to get my hands on within this year.  This year? you ask. Well, considering these are high end, the price on these babies are quite hefty, and in my particular situation, I have to be rational (ugh) and budget money, but if you have the means to spend your money on high end items, then I highly recommend these today. Heck, stop reading this blog and just order it lol.

In no particular order :)

I have not been this excited about a collection launch in forever! 
This is the Fall 2011 Chanel collection, from this list, I am absolutely wanting:

1. Nail vernis in Peridot
(ok, so a lot of people either love this or absolutely hate it.  I joke with my friends and talk about how I like weird and ugly colours, well...Peridot is one of those colours.  Its not quite green, it's yellowed out green, mixed with a slight duochrome of blue and other ugly colours that looks just like muddy lake water.  I love it lol)

2.  Nail vernis in Graphite
There is nothing that screams SUE, more than gritty metallics
I love it, It reminds me of concrete at night when the rain just hits it and the street lights illuminate it to make this weird metallic grit colour. Love!

3.  Illusions d'ombres 
Although I have my favourites, I would love to get my hands on any of these for texture purposes.  They remind me of the Giorgio Armani eyes to kill eyeshadows that I have been wanting, but the colours in this collection are a bit more me.

4.  Cle de Peau - Concealer
I can't remember when I first learned about this product. Was it 2007? 2006? Anyhoo, I have been wanting it forever. I must have read over hundreds of reviews on how it's the best product out there, so what am I waiting for? Oh yeah, it cost like $70 lol
I think before I die, I will get my greedy mitts on this one.
I am very obsessed at the moment about making my aging, discoloured skin into a smooth youthful palette. So I will be investing in concealers and other face makeup that claim to do these things.

5. Guerlain - Meteorites Primer
I have my girls from TPF to blame for my Guerlain obsession lol
Another beautiful item that I've read nothing but great reviews on, and after my fail of a primer by Dior, I really want to venture to this product next.
It looks beautiful, doesn't it? Reminds me of Bubble tea :p

6. Hakuhodo Brushes
Where have these been hiding all my life? I am the most eager to try these brushes out of anything on my list, because I know once I invest, these will be with me forever. 
I have to give it up for the Japanese and their precision brush making skills, heck their love and art of brushes in general is just worlds beyond any other.  Hakuhodo brushes are apparently the creme de la creme of all the brushes, so obviously I'm greedy-eyed for these instantly.

7. SUQQU - Brow Pen
This is another japanese product that I had no idea about until I moved here to England.  Apparently it's waterproof and gives out the right amount of product to create a soft or intense eyebrow depending on how you build it up. 
Lisa Eldridge raved about these, and what Lisa says, Sue usually does LOL
So this has made it to my top wish list items. Thanks LIsa for making me broke :)
I'm going to have to head into Selfridges London for this one soon.

8. YSL Touch Eclat 
Is everyone sick of how widely these are marketed? We see these everywhere.  I think they are coming out with more colours as well.  It's suppose to be a highlighter pen that you use under your eyes to give you that lift and youthful glow. Did anyone say youthful glow? I guess my 30's will be the eternal search of how to make myself look like I'm 20 again hahaha.  (Speaking of, I got carded the other day, made me smile inside)
Well anything that claims to give my face that youthful look has already won me over.

9. Edward Bess - Eyeshadows
Ok I'm so happy that finally decided to sell this product.  What I'm not happy about is the exchange rate and how these are priced over here in the UK. 
I have heard nothing but amazing things about this product. I'm loving the swatches and I need him in my life.  

10.  Chantecaille - Les Macarons Palette
I usually don't like pink, but something about this palette makes me think that these are the colours I need to brighten up my face a bit.  I am loving the colour range, and this would be a perfect Sunday afternoon look for me.  I don't know why, I'm just so drawn to this palette.  The only thing that has stopped me is the price obviously, but if I see this in person, I don't think I can resist tbh. the sun wants to come out.
Ok perhaps there will be a review/reveal post today, but if not, I hope you enjoyed these beautiful items for your viewing pleasure :)


  1. you haven't tried touche eclat yet? give it a go, I quite like it. I also want those two chanel polishes, shame we have to wait so long compared to the US!

  2. I haven't, and really want it. :)

    I know, we have to wait 1-2 months after them. It's already out over there on pre-order. Lucky lucky girls!