Saturday, June 4, 2011

Asos Haul Part 2: Illamasqua - Raindrops Nail Polish


Illamasqua's Raindrops has been the ONLY polish by them that I actually wanted.
But I ignored her for a long time, because she was £13.50.
I figured, I'll add get some other greyed out baby blues, so I did just that.
I acquired China Glaze's Sea Spray, Eyeko's Rain, but none of them still satisfied me.

So when I got a £5 off £20 voucher with Diet coke, I said, OK THIS IS IT, I'M GETTING THIS POLISH! Then when the girls of TPF alerted me that this was in fact an EU exclusive, that just pushed me even more.

I love her! She is definitely a moody greyed out baby blue with these very dimly lit silver glitter that mimick a rainy day.  Which happens to be my favourite type of day. I know that's odd, but something serene, peaceful, and refreshing about rain. I absolutely love it and find it super romantic.

So the other reason why I stayed away despite being in love, was the reviews that this polish takes up to 4 coats to be opaque.  Hmmm....I don't know if we have different bottles or not, so I decided I was going to paint each finger a different coat to show you all what 1-5 coats looked like, but after coat #3, I didn't have to go any further, in fact if you get 2 layers of medium coverage, you get an opaque polish.  So I'm not sure why others were saying that it took as much as 4-5 coats?

So the picture below shows:
Pinky finger - 1 coat
Ring finger - 2 coats
Middle, index, thumb - 3 coats

I think this polish just made it to the top 10 favourite polishes of all times.  While everyone is on the trendy boat and wearing summer's fab colours like orange, yellow, coals, I'll be sporting's more my style.

Selfridges's website says that this is a Selfridge exclusive, but I got this on last week when it was marked down from £13.50 to £10.50, and then minus £5 voucher :) So she was a cheapy but a beauty as well!!

For North America, I heard rumours that this will be out during Christmas.  I don't doubt it, North America does get everything and always at a cheaper price too.


  1. Raindrops is gorgeous!! I hope she makes it over to the states!

    I hear that I will have the same problem with RBL Bikini Bottoms... which is why it's still in my "untried" pile. :P

  2. I'm not a huge fan of blues on my nails but I LOVE this one! Thumbs up! (And I sure wish I had some real rain drops right now. It's been so long I have forgotten what it looks like.)

  3. This is a lot more grey than blue to me :) We're having a bit of a "drought" in England too, who would have funked it?

  4. LL: I hope it gets to the US too, if not, I'm sure someone nice enough in the UK would pick it up for you!