Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is a Beauty Blogger?

I ask myself this question everyday.  As I sit on my computer day by day and web surf from forums, to makeupalley reviews, to other blogs that I follow, I ponder if what I am doing is actually fitting the role of the beauty blogger.

It is not about being a successful blogger or even trying to obtain the beauty guru status.  My internal dilemma is due to the role of the blogger being changed into something that I don't recognize anymore.  I have seen a huge shift in the beauty blogging world from just a girl (or guy) blogging about what they love to blogs that are being used as just another avenue for companies to market their products for free.

Now this is not a judgment on those popular blogs that are sent free items.  I am just wondering, is that what people want from beauty blogs?  I know I don't.  I get a kick out of reading what someone did one day and what products they picked up (if any) and how they felt about it.  Blame it on me being nosey, but I always thought that's what blogging really was.  So that's why I started my blog.  My friends were always saying to me.." Sue, you really need to start a blog and talk about all these sales, and beauty bargains that you get", so I figured...why the heck not.  Of course in the beginning, I didn't anticipate how much effort that it really took, but I still did it with the mindset that I would just be sharing my personal life and the things that I loved collecting to the rest of the world.
But I don't see that anymore.  If that is what it means or takes to be a popular beauty blog, then I guess my blog will never be that.  I just like talking and showing people, "hey, don't pay full price for that, get that here cheaper", or "I'm crazy and I just splurged on this beautiful item, but I really want to share with you what I absolutely love".  Call me crazy, but isn't that what blogs are meant to be? Personal insights to the writer.

Anyways, my point is. If you see me talk about a product on my blog, that's because I am truly interested in that product.  Not because I feel the need to "educate" my followers, because frankly...we all have brains, we all have access to the Internet and can google "latest (insert brand here)".  So I won't insult you with that hahaha.

I just hope that even though my beauty blog is not in the same mold as the other beauty blogs, that you continue to follow me (or follow me) and just get to know me.  I don't have a lot of spare cash laying around to show you the most expensive and luxurious eye candy in the world, but then maybe you are like me (who knows!), nor do I live the most exciting life, but I love sharing my life with you all in this blog, and I love showing you things that I purchased that are beauty or fashion related, because I just absolutely and genuinely enjoy it!

Do I have areas to improve? Yes I do.  I absolutely do.  First, I know I need to provide better pictures for you all.  Money is tight and doesn't leave room for a camera, so until then, I try to take it as best as I can, so thank you for baring with me.

I also know that I need to talk more and more about myself.  I think I'm still in the mindset that the Internet is full of crazy people, but how many crazy people stalk beauty blogs..probably none lol. So I need to chill and be more open about my day and my life.

And of course if anyone has feedback or constructive criticism, please leave a comment.  If you feel uncomfortable doing so, you can leave it anonymously as well.

So am I a beauty blogger? maybe...maybe not, but frankly what I refuse to ever become is a marketing blog.  I do enough of that in my real life, this blog will always remain about me.  So thank you to anyone who read this long (and sometimes incoherent) post lol.

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  1. Oh! I read the whole thing!! Where do I collect my gold star?

    And I say, rock on girl!