Thursday, June 9, 2011

July Magazine Freebie Haul

So I'm officially obsessed with these free gifts with the magazines. I went to Boots to pick up my magazines and this is what I returned with:

Instyle came with a £5 Body Shop voucher which I immediately redeemed for the fuzzy peach shower gel (reminds me of my preteens) and a Satsuma hand sanitizer.

Glamour came with a deluxe sample of the Benefit high beam.
There were other choices as well, but I went with the high beam, because I need illumisiers in my makeup collection.

High beam gave a great light shimmer

I didn't go for the other magazines, because I felt the free gifts this month were very small, much smaller than last months, so I only walked out with two.  I'm happy about it though, and I know it's items that I will use.