Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NARS Zulu vs. MAC Beyond Jealous

I'm a green mood today, but not like a happy mint green mood, but like a dark and mysterious looking green.  So I pulled out my MAC Beyond Jealous.  I remember finding this at a CCO and instantly being pulled towards it.  It's a dark forest/hunter green, and at night it would look black basically.  As I was looking for this, I remembered that my friend gave me her NARS Zulu. 

I thought to myself? Geez, they are pretty similar...wait a minute, dupes? At first glance they are, but of course if you scrutinize every polish the way I do, dupes occur very few and far.  So let's examine, shall we?

Blasted with camera flash

So in the bottle, you can tell that the MAC has a bit more grey to it, where as the NARS has a bit more blue to it, making these not exactly dupes. Now onto the swatches...

Can you tell the difference here?
Let's play a game (haha). Which fingers have NARS Zulu on it? and which one has the MAC Beyond Jealous on it?

Any guesses yet?
I'll give you a clue:
Thumb, middle and pinky is one colour
and the index and ring is another

The Answer is..

Thumb, middle and pinky is MAC Beyond Jealous
and the index and ring is the NARS

Maybe I need new contacts, but to me they looks very close when applied.  I like them both a lot, and I like how quickly they dried as well. Major bonus points there!  I'm going to search for a high street version of this polish, because I'm really feeling this tone of dark shade.

What do you think? Modern? or passe?


  1. wow those are way more alike that I thought they would be.

  2. WOW those are really a lot a like. I would say that NARS zulu is on your ring and pointer finger? but it is really hard to tell.