Thursday, February 10, 2011

Orly Haul - 10 polishes for $8.75 what?!?!?!?!?

Yep ladies, you read right. 10 polishes for $8.75. Ok ok, I cheated a bit, 5 full size and 5 minis, but I had to catch your interest right? :)
Ok, so the last few days, I have been dealing with a scammer on one of my forums, so it's taken a bit out of me. She basically lied about getting her house robbed and a lot of us felt very sorry for her so we gifted her with thousands of dollars of beauty products, only to find out that her house wasn't robbed and that she scammed people on 2 other forums as well. It gets worse, she has a criminal history too! Including shoplifting AND animal cruelty. I won't go any further, because it gets really dark, but it broke my heart because I thought she was cool at first, until I saw her violent history towards animal, so obviously I could no longer befriend her. So she is now banned from one of my favorite forums and out of my life. I gave her a chance actually to explain herself and she continued to lie. I'm sorry but you have to wake up a bit earlier than that to pull a fast on me! SO anyways, rant over lol ...onwards and upwards!!!!!!

Back to my haul.
I went to CVS to pick up a cheap body wash. Been on bit of a budget due to my move to England, so I was just going to pick up a body wash for 99 cents ($1.99 retail and I had a $1 coupon).
So on the way to pick that up and an Ajax dishwashing soap for 88 cents for my mom, I came across these........

I couldn't believe it, it was 1 full size & 1 mini Top 2 Bottom. Each were 75% off and after all was rang up, I paid $8.75. Bargain price!! I got all these for the price of 1 bottle.

The dark blue is called La Playa
The coral reddish orange is called Ole
and the last one is Ballamos

My friends will be getting these in their gift boxes shortly. I just thought it was an excellent deal and I'm actually excited to try the Top 2 bottom and see how that works.
I never thought CVS would have a deal this good, it's even better than any of the sales I've seen at Ulta. I really needed to get a cheap haul like this to forget the awful scammer.

So moral of today is, always go check out your CVS clearance racks AND always google people when you meet them or meet them online, because you never know what you might find on that person!

Be safe everyone! Bye!

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