Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Laura Mercier issues & resolution haul package

I have been at battle with Laura Mercier every single time I ever ordered from them. So obviously, I won't anymore. I'll give you ladies a brief run down on why.
2 years ago, I purchased a set from them at a discounted price. They said it was a friends & family deal, so for a small fraction of the retail cost, I bought a set. 4 out of the 10 items were old, crusted, stale, and clearly discontinued items. I fought with them via phone and email for 2 weeks back then about getting my money back. They never gave me my money back, instead they sent me products. So I dropped the complaint and I should have stopped there right????
Well this October, me being the genius that I am, got suckered into another package as well. This time, nothing was wrong with the items but they had stickers on it that said "testers" and "not for resale", basically another word for testers. So I got pissed, called 4 times in a week because the 3 times it sent straight to voice mail (during working hours) and left emails about my concern that the items were testers. So 3 weeks went by and still nothing, so I emailed again...still got ignored. Well last week, I had a free minute, so I called and got an understanding agent, who refunded my money and told me they were sorry about sending testers and told me that they would send me something in the mail. I was content and hung up the phone.

Today after 2 hours of driving in the sleet and snow to go to get my car registered (long story) and was unsuccessful, I came home to a Laura Mercier box and inside were not just samples, but..........

I haven't swatched any of them, because I'm going to be re-gifting them all, but I think that Laura Mercier probably lost out on this deal, because they wanted to be fresh and send testers to their customers instead of adhering to a quality control standard and sending their customers brand new products....what a thought!
anyways, even with this package, I won't be buying from them again, because even though they tried to make it up to me, I still find it very sneaky and shady about what they did.

Thanks Laura Mercier, but just a little something a little too late.

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