Friday, January 28, 2011

Century 21 Haul - Blumarine & Wolford

I decided to post this blog up first as I sit here and wait for my first order. I'll explain in another post how cheap my order was.

But today, my husband dug my car out of the snow and we made it to Century 21. Sure the one in NJ is not as good as the one in Manhattan, but it was good enough for me.

I really shouldn't be shopping right now since I am moving, but a good bargain is hard to miss.

I rummaged through about 400 pairs of gloves and I found these beautiful baby blue/seafoam green Bluemarine gloves. The leather feels like butter and the blow was so adorable. Reminded me of what Marc Jacobs is doing right now. But it's Blumarine and I don't own anything by them, so when I saw the price, I jumped on it. At $200, sure I wouldn't have bought it, but I can see why it was going for $200. The softest leather ever. I have a plain pair of black gloves that I bought in 1999 LOL I think it's time to retire them, in fact, I don't even know where they are atmo.

Then I went upstairs to the sleepwear section. My DKNY set that I bought 2 months ago had tattered and ripped, unbelievable, so now I need another pj set. Nothing stuck out. Everything was either too frumpy or too sexy to wear around every day. But, all the way in the corner and I mean the corner, it was by the employee breakroom door LOL, was a stand with Wolford items. I saw that it was 65% off of their ticket price, sooooooo I grabbed a simple grey top to wear. The material is cotton, but it's very soft and I like the spandex bottom too. Overall, I like it and the price made it better too.

So although I really didn't NEED any of these items. Both items retailed for over $400 and I paid around $40 with tax for both, so I'm satisfied with today's haul and now I can say I have a piece of Blumarine & Wolford in my closet.

YAYA shopping haul, I really needed it today after some stress that someone was giving me for no reason :)

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