Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am in Love with Shoe Jewelry - Litter SF style of course

My jaws dropped when I found Litter SF's website. Shoe jewelry?! Just enough raw sexy edgy appeal. I know these will turn some of my "plain" shoes up a sexy notch. I'm drooling over these, but at the price they are asking, I haven't taken the plunge yet. I do think that they are worth the price, because they are actually all hand made and unique. Once one is sold out, it's not like another one is floating around somewhere. I know this because 6 months ago, I emailed this company to ask about "Jay Walk" (picture below) and I was all set to spend the $100+ on this, but apparently it was sold out and when I asked if they would be making another one, they said no. So some lucky gal out there has my Jay Walk chain. If for some lucky chance, it's me I want to buy it off of you, I know fat chance, but it's worth a try.

OH LITTER SF!!! Why do you lovely gals torture me with your shoe jewelry.

Come look at their currently inventory:

My fav is their current inventory is the "Walk of Shame"!!!!

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