Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

You guys have no idea what hurdles I had to go through to get this!  I went to my local boots everyday during lunch and after work to buy this, but it was always sold out.  A fellow co worker actually opened the drawers and took the ones that the sales people were hiding.  The cheek!?! Well, she graciously gave me one and I've been using it this week.

The excellent reviews made me really want this (me and thousands of other girls).  So here is my take on this 1 second instant polish remover through pros and cons.

* Contains nourishing sweet almond oil, so it is not as dry as the acetone that I have been using
* The scent is slightly fruity (red fruit & vanilla fragrance), so it's not as harsh as other nail polish removers
* For cremes, jellies, and other non glitter polishes, it really does take 1 second to remove.  It's simple: insert, twist, and pull out.
* Very travel friendly
* No need for cotton balls
* So easy to remove one finger at a time.  I'm sure you understand this situation if you are a girl.  You finish your manicure, and you smudge one finger and you struggle with a cotton ball to try to get start over on that one finger without smudging the rest hehe.  It NEVER works, does it? Now you can fix that one smudged finger without having to start all over again.

* Hard to find
* Bourjois increased the price to £4.99 (from £3.99)
* Does not remove glitter polishes in 1 second, or 10, or 30 lol

Overall, I like the product, but I'm not going crazy over it like some people are hahaha

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