Saturday, May 7, 2011

Christian Dior - Diorskin Crystal Nude Matte Skin Perfector

I bought this after good reviews from several bloggers.  I spent the full $40 and had this delivered to me prior to my departure from the states. I don't know if I'm using this wrong, or if I need new contacts and can't see things as clearly lol, but I'm not seeing how this is suppose to diminish the look of irregularities.

Yes it is clear and yes it is smooth to apply and I do like the texture of this product over the liquid face primers, but to me that's all it is...just a primer in solid form. Am I paying extra for the texture of this? I don't know.  I have to give this another go and just stick with this for a bit, I mean ...I did spend $40! eck! and I do want this product to work for me badly.

I just think that for those reading the reviews online and reading Dior's description, might be left unimpressed. Maybe I expected more from this product than I should? If the advertisement said that it was a solid primer, perhaps I wouldn't be so disappointed.  It definitely did not cover any of my facial irregularities and I don't see how it could considering the formula is clear.  Oh well, there goes $40. I'll put this on my next Project 10 pan ban when I want to torture myself again lol and just use it up, but I just don't think it's worth $40.

This is what they said (with my comments interjected in there):

"To offer all skin types a texture that acts like an optical filter, erasing shine and flaws (NOPE) while revealing the living matter of nude skin, Dior has developed its very first optical effect crystalline formula. Totally transparent silicone (TRUE) microspheres recreate the illusion of the most flawless nude skin (DEFINITELY NOT) thanks to three unique properties:
Transparency: Their incredible soft focus effect helps erase imperfections and even out and smooth the surface of the skin (EHHH WRONG AGAIN).
Softness: Their ability to melt perfectly into the skin in an ultra-thin halo, making them imperceptible to the eye and the touch (TRUE).
Matte: They help bring the impeccable velvety feel of nude skin without a powdery effect and with extreme comfort. " (TRUE)

So 3 of their claims were true about this product and 3 were false.

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