Monday, May 30, 2011

NOTD: Orly - Space Cadet Nail Polish

I am convinced that my camera hates me and that the universe is telling me to get a new professional camera just for blogging, but with all the money I have, I end up spending it on beauty products instead of a camera.

So my apologies that my camera is not picking up all the multiple colours in this very unique duo-chrome (heck trio-chrome, yep I just made up that word) nail polish.


Wait, it's green, nope it's purple, wait I see copper glitter, then all at once it has a pink overlay on top of it.  It's so many colours all at once.

You'd expect this polish to be gritty, but it is so smooth.
I never thought that green & purple would be my thing. Lots of ladies love Deborah Lippmann's Wicked Game or Hard Candy's Beetle and I just never drooled over it, but this has that 3rd dimension that just makes it perfect for a gal like me.

My pictures only show the polish changing in 2 different ways, but I guarantee you that there is a 3rd - and this sets this polish off into a legion above DL and Hard Candy's green & purple's duo-chrome polishes.

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