Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Ramblings

This post isn't about hauls or featuring any specific product in particular, it's just a general rant and rambling about beauty and beauty products.

I started this blog roughly a year ago to show the world all the exciting cheap finds that I was getting and just in general to talk about my lemmings and just things that got me excited.  A year later, I find myself with a semi sized makeup collection and a NP collection that I can be proud of. lol.  So what gives? Lately, I haven't been getting that same rush, that same thrill as before.  Don't get me wrong, I still love seeing all the pretty colours, and love knowing how to apply it on my face now, but something is just off with me.

I was chatting with a few online friends with the same obsession as me and I told them that something was completely off with me. Was I sick? haha!

And I woke up this morning and realised what was bothering me.  I think what happens is that when you collect nail polish or makeup, you end up reading endless blogs, watching tons of youtube videos to see what the latest and greatest is, and when you can't obtain these HTF, rare, very limited edition items -'re left feeling a bit "empty". And although, I don't have any complaints about my personal life and I'm completely in love with my husband and my puppy, I think I have gotten into a horrible mindset of having to obtain these items that are just clearly out of my budget range now.  My financial situation has changed quite drastically in the last year, and I think that I am going through the "pains" of having to adjust to that.  I realised that's why I've been feeling "down".  I see all these wonderful products that the beauty gurus, and youtubers are highly recommending and of course my initial instinct is to buy it.  But since I can't, I think that's where the root of my issue lies.  So....what do I do?

Until I start making money at the calibre I use too, I have to just admit that it's OK, yep, it's QUITE OK to not have these items.  I need to understand that you can't have everything you want, no matter how pretty and shiny it is :)

So with that realisation this morning, I do feel quite lighter and not so burdened.  I think I need to stay away a little bit from my usual (very loved) forum, youtube, and my favourite blog sites for a little bit and perhaps check out a cheaper route.

Life is all about adaption and yes I will adapt too.
This may sound quite shallow to a lot of people, because beauty/cosmetics is a luxury that majority of people in this world just can not afford, and I realise this even more so now and it helps with the whole "not feeling sorry for myself".

I have what I need in life, that's my health, friends & family and there is nothing that Chanel or Dior can make that would let me loose sight of that again.

So no more funk! and the last 2 nights I have taken my 65 item wishlist down to only 12 items! And I love it so much!!!

I also realised one more thing. What's the point of having all this makeup and nail polish if I don't use it! So I'm going to make an effort to purge my collection of things I don't want (Blog sale coming up!) and use the items I do have and just be happy with the blessings that I've had so far in my life that allowed me to buy these wonderful things :)

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