Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glossybox May Reveal (spoiler alert)

My Glossybox has arrived! YAHOO!

I'm going to jump right into it, because it's just that good.
For £10 a month, you get a monthly box with deluxe size samples. 

Drumroll please........

Cute exterior box (good start)

(easy open)

(Super duper cute pink box! I'm definitely reusing these)

(Very cute! I am a huge sucker for cute packaging. This is superb packaging Glossybox!)

(All my goodies - I SEE NARS!!!!!)

(Came with a list of the products & brief description and a 10% coupon for an estore from one of the products that was included in the box)

Nars Orgasm Illuminator 1.1 oz/30ml
Retails for £21.50
and the winner of all the products in this box.
This product speaks for itself, a lot of beauty gals know about NARS and also about the Orgasm line. Is is suppose to be universally flattering with gold, pink, and peach shimmer.

I am so thrilled to have gotten this not only because it is quite pricy, but because I think this will be the perfect shimmer/dewy look that I need in season.

Aterna Caviar Anti agiing rapid repair spray
Smells berry scented & fresh
Nice travel size too
.85 fl oz/25 ml

All for Eve Lipstick 
Full size
Your classic blue tinted red lipstick

Comoshambhala Invigorate Lotion
50ml/1.7 fl oz
Light lotion that has a powder soft finish
The lotion contains essential oils of Eualptus, Geranium, Lavender & Peppermint
and you can smell all those sents.
The 10% off coupon is for this brand

Bionova facial cleanser sample
Apparently this is to be used in the evening before bed, so I will try it tonight and update you all on how it felt on my combination skin.

I don't know what I'm more excited about?
The fact that the contents are worth up to £40 this month,
or the fact that I am in love with the packaging and the box lol
or the fact that it arrived at my door this morning and I felt like it was christmas?

Either way, Glossybox you got me as a subscriber!
I'm so excited about next month and keep up the excellent work with the 
luxurious packaging and great products.

I'm a very happy camper today :)


  1. Wow! The packaging is fab and it's awesome that they included full-sized products!!