Thursday, May 12, 2011

My very first Project 10 Pan - DONE DONE DONE

I finally finished my project 10 pan in record time HAHA
I seriously mulled right through those items, because after day 4 I was feeling that crazy itch to purchase something.

It wasn't easy and it just cemented even more into my head that I seriously have an issue.  Sure we all laugh about it, but I never thought that I would become such a product junkie, until I put myself onto this ban.

What is it about beauty products that makes us so happy? What is it about these little packages full of color that just make us all smile?
Is it the celebration of being a woman? The thrill of acquiring new items? Is it an effect of the current economic situation that drives women away from making $1000 bag purchases and instead picking up a $10 bottle of nail polish?
All I know is that I look at my vanity and open up my nail polish drawer and it just makes me happy.  I love how in 10 minutes I can transform my acne scarred, dis-colored 31 year old face into a nice clean palette with beautiful shimmer specks of color.  I love how I can erase 4 years immediately and I think for me, that's the reason why I love beauty products.

So then why the rapid need for acquiring products? How many of you have more than 10 untrieds? I know some of you are saying "only 10, try 100" lol
Well whatever the reason, it keeps us all happy for all my beauty blog followers and for all my TPF friends, we all do it because it brings some joy into our lives.
Maybe it's a way of coping with some tragic events in your life, or to quench some boredom, or maybe you just have that obsessive personality where you obsess over whatever your new obsession is (I'm guilty of this).
Either way, beauty is on a boom and I'm enjoying every single moment.

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  1. Yippee!! Congratulations!!

    I an so guilty of #2 and #3 quench boredom + obsessive personality. I am a retailer's dream come true! Ha-ha.