Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NOTD: No Miss - Heathrow

The one good thing about being on a ban is you are forced to go through your collection of what you have :)This is exactly what I did today when I had a free moment. I am chipping my nails so easily these days, due to all the typing that I'm doing. So it's my excuse to always redo my nails a new color! 

Today I present to you a brand that I have never heard of until my friend had given it to me in a package previously. 

No Miss nail polish is animal friendly, so I definitely knew that I would give them a shot.

The polish is called 'Heathrow' and my friend was thoughtful to send this to me considering I flew into Heathrow last month.

Heathrow is a frosty silver/platinum shade. It did present the typical issues of a frosty nail polish, ugh streaks! But it is all about patience and doing medium layers, not too thin and not too thick. After 3 layers, I got a nice shiny metallic/frosty finish.  
I thought the formula and application was decent.

Now, they are not cheap and at $7.95, my cheap ass probably would have passed them up, so I'm so glad that I was given this. :) (Thanks again bunny! xx)

This is the information off their website:

Does NOT Contain:
Formaldehyde * Toluene * Dibutyl-Pthalate or Camphor.
Cosmetic Colors, come from earth. Drug & Cosmetic.
Contains UV inhibitors to protect your nails from the sun. Over 150 colors. Can apply one or two coats. Colors available without D&C dyes.
Non-Drying * Moisturizing * Durable * Non-Yellowing * Chip Resistant * Quick Drying * Super Glossy

Sounds good right?
You can get these off of their website or at your local health food markets. I'm assuming whole foods in the states. I'm not sure if these are available in the U.K.

I think that there glitter polishes look cool and they even have a glow in the dark polish! Glow in the dark, cool! Reminds me of my old raving days :)
And although I'm not a fan of this finish, I do think that being vegan friendly and animal friendly is a major plus for this brand and I would recommend trying them out, especially in some of the brighter colors, glitter and especially the glow in the dark lol.

Let me know if you have tried this brand and what your favorite is?


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