Friday, May 27, 2011

NOTD: George - Troll polish & Franken"mistake"stein polish

You know  you're an addict if you go grocery shopping and you come back nail polish.
Come on...raise your hand if you do this lol

Admitting the addiction is the first step to recover,
well in my case, perhaps I'm enjoying this addiction far too much. :p

Today I'm wearing Troll, a matte finish polish from George. It's inexpensive, and formula is great. The bottle is tiny, so you're really not getting that great of a deal, but at least it's not like Le Metier polishes and you end up paying an arm and a leg.

I like this one, because I have not tried a coloured matte finish polish before.  I've always stuck with the black or dark steel/greys, but this one is nice.
Sorry if everyone is wearing pastels and spring colours, I just wear what I want, doesn't matter the season really.

Here she is...

So I realised that I never wear my wedding ring at home and none of my pictures show my ring, but yes I am married and happily too (Duncan..did you hear that? :p).

So before painting my nails, I had this mini bottle of no name clear polish given to me, so I decided to spruce it up. First I added some Inglot pigments, and I should have left it at that, but I wanted this copper glitter that I got recently into the polish, well that was a huge mistake....color clash and not in a good way either.  This is pre-screw up, here is my Franken"mistake"stein polish...

It was a nice pink and gold duochrome that I messed up. Oh well! Back to the labs!

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