Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bobbi Brown Party Shimmer Brick

I know I am many months behind when it comes to this product, but I also did end up saving tons of money by doing so :)

The Party Shimmer Brick is just a gorgeous highlighter and a collector's item.  I promised myself that I would stop buying things because they were "pretty" and to actually buy them to use them.  This is going to be tough as this palette is super cute.

This palette is separated into a gold and silver highlighter.  I assume you can use this as a face highlighter or any way you wish.  The imprints are simple, but brings an air of festivities, so it was perfect for last winter's collection. 

However, when blended together, it creates a gorgeous platinum colour that I believe not only suits us during the winter, but definitely now in the summer also.  It doesn't lean too gold for those who are cool-toned and it's suitable for those who are warm-toned as well.  It's versatile and practical on top of being adorable.

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