Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clinique Redness Solutions Corrector Review

Clinique's Redness solution range is one of the first solution ranges that I went for.  I am still using my redness solution powders from last year.  This range is widely available at your nearest department store,, Boots, and other places where you would find a Clinique counter.  They are like the Starbucks of cosmetics.  I grabbed mine from Sephora from the states right before I moved to the UK.

I suffer from redness around my cheeks and discoloration all over my face due to previous acne scaring, therefore, I take skincare and cover up makeup extremely serious.  I spare no cost, and I try many different ranges in order to find what works the best for me.

This corrector was only £17/$19.50, so I was extremely happy to purchase this.  This is my experience with this product.

* Easy to use cream formula - this came in a wind up stick concealer that could be applied directly onto your skin, with your finger tips, or concealer brush.
* Affordable - Usually any corrector adds on a few more bucks
* Readily accessible
* The yellow pigmented concealer did conceal redness

* Heavy and slightly cakey - as someone who doesn't like to feel like her pores are clogged, this formula as too heavy for my liking
* Comes in only one colour, so it definitely has to be used under your foundation
* It didn't feel like I got a lot of product for what I paid for it. The redness solution powder was slightly more, but you get tons of product

My honest opinion is that this product is effective, but due to the heavy formula, I will not be repurchasing this product again.  It's quite a shame as I do like Clinique products and if this product did work on me, I could easily pick it up at my nearest Boots.

Have you used this product? How did you get on with it?

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