Sunday, August 26, 2012

Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish in L-jay Review & Swatches

Today's NOTD and review is the Filthy Gorgeous nail polish in L-Jay.  I was able to grab this polish from the Debenham's clearance rack for a bargain basement price of £1.80.  The original retail is £9 for these 10ml little pretties, so I couldn't resist the bargain.

I am going to first go over what I like about this brand.

* 3 free - Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP free
* Attention to packaging and effort to stick out from the run of the mill nail polish package - youthful and playful with their guitar pick charm, black & silver handle, and ornate typography
* Great color pay off
* 2 coat opaqueness - not watery or thin at all

Now...because I got this polish from the clearance rack, I don't want too negative on the product as perhaps the item was defected; however, I must share with you the CONS from my personal experience.

* 10ml bottle at £9 rrp.  To me, that is a little steep for a 10ml bottle
* As cute as the guitar pick charm is, I believe the rubber band that goes over the neck of the bottle prevented the bottle to be shut properly and created an air pocket for the polish to turn gloopy

* Also, if you have any remnants of nail polish remover on your hands, do not touch the handle. The black ink will displace itself onto your fingers

And honestly folks, that's the only two issues that I had with the bottle.  I know one of the issues was my fault as I had some nail polish remover on my fingers, and the later could just be a factory defect that caused the polish to leak, but I just wanted to let you all know my experience with this polish.

I'm not complaining as I only spent £1.80, but I feel like I didn't get a real version of this range.  I did read up on this brand and love how they exude an aura of fun and camaraderie amongst women at their London spa.  I'm hoping to get a chance to stop by there for sure!

Last but not least, of course I wanted to show you how lovely the polish did look on my nail.  Whether you are sick of peach nails or not, I surely am not.  I love how feminine and flirty it is without it being the traditional pink nail polish (and you all know how I feel about pink lol).

What was your experience with Filthy Gorgeous nail polish?

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