Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gold Zipper Water Decal Swatches & Review from Born Pretty Store

I picked the gold zipper water decals to review for two main reasons: First, I love anything gold on my nails and second because I never used water decals before. So when Born Pretty Store contacted me, they were kind enough to send these for me to try and boy do I love them!

My photos are a bit overexposed and the photos didn't come out exactly as I wanted them too, but they are just absolutely amazing water decals that were very easy to use and the end result was fabulous.

The water decals are from a company called Artmaze and they 15 water decals.

Here are the instructions and basically I followed them exactly as they wrote except that I didn't have to blow dry them :)

I cut the 5 designs that I wanted with scissors

I used my manicure bowl and filled it up with water and dunked the water decals in them for 10 seconds and fished them out with tweezers. I then took the tweezers and peeled off the decal from the paper and applied it onto my finger as such.

I then took a piece of paper towel and dabbed the water off and let it sit on my nail for another 10 seconds while I pressed it down with my fingers

and topcoat on and let it dried immediately and I didn't have to blow dry the decal either. It was so easy and the end result was so fabulous. My friend who came over even said "Are those zippers on your nails" Oh yes they are my friend, yes they are :)

What I like about these is that there is no messing about like there is with stamping and because they are not stickers they actually don't raise from the surface and you actually have a few seconds after you place it on your nails to move it around if you wanted too.  I thought they were so easy to use and I really enjoyed them. I think I'm a little addicted to water decals now.
Time to go search for some more!

They come in both gold and silver too.

These water decals can be purchased here for $2.99 (free worldwide shipping)

and you can also get 10% off by using my code "SUEG10" at checkout :)


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