Monday, June 3, 2013

A England Roses Jewellery Collection: Welcome to a-england's rose garden

I believe everyone who is into nail polish knows of A England polishes? If not, check them out here.  They are known for their amazing formulas and their artistically and poetically inspired nail polish collections.

But has everyone heard of their new jewellery collection in collaboration with Kristin M. London?

A new collection of fine jewellery is born! 
Welcome to a-england's rose garden:

When I was on the A-england site (drooling over the beautiful polishes), I saw a new tab that I never saw before called "Roses". What a pleasant surprise when I saw it was a fine jewellery collection (nail polish soon to come).  As you all may know that my taste in jewellery is normally loud and ostentatious, but there is something so captivating about this collection.  It's delicate and feminine (two adjectives that I wouldn't necessarily describe myself to be) and mystical.  

I particularly love the Rose Gold Rose with Thorn necklace. 

"The natural beauty of the rose flower with thorn on a delicate silver chain. Dainty and graceful Sterling silver plated in 18 ct rose gold. rose 13mm x25mm chain 52cm"


Normally, Jewellery pieces with roses just have the beautiful blossom on it, but I particularly like the additional of the thorn stem. Something so beautiful yet so painful.  Isn't that the true nature of love?

I love this collection and had to share with you all.  You can view all the pieces on A England's website:

The best way to describe this collection is by reading what A England celebrates.

"a passion for england: its light, utterly romantic weather, somehow gothic charm and glory"

There is nothing like the Rose (national flower of England) that speaks more true to this gothic charm that Adina speaks about.  As a non-British person, I find it alluring, captivating, and utterly romantic.

I have purchased A England polishes for friends, but my very first A England polish is actually on it's way. I bought Fated Prince today.  I am beyond excited to get this and looking forward to owning a black based holographic/prismatic polish.  Another perk of ordering through their website is that postage is free. Now, what are you all waiting for?

What's your favourite A England Rose Jewellery piece? or A England nail polish?

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  1. Woah!!! That is awfully expensive for it not to be made from real gold or real silver. Plated metal is cheaply made and tarnishes. It is pretty but so not worth the price!!!!