Friday, May 31, 2013

My Galibardy Picks of the Week

Welcome to the next obsession of mine. I stumbled upon this site a couple of weeks ago and ever since then, I have been hitting up the site every day. They do restock new products in at quite an amazing speed and I decided to spend my hard earned money on some very affordable and well made (and truly fashionable) pieces.

The Gold Horus Afrocentric necklace was £18 and up until last night it was in stock, but I'm sorry to inform you all that it is now sold out. I love pairing this up on top of something black or a black & white top with a fierce red lips. It is just my favourite piece right now.

The silver lion necklace crept up only last week and I just knew I had to have it. It is reminiscent of a vintage Versace, which is the Versace that I prefer and not the new styles under Donatella. The Silver lion necklace is not as heavy as the Gold horus necklace, but it is still very well made and I love it. I wanted a silver chunky necklace and I finally found one for an amazing price of £14.

They are affordable and similar price to Gogo Philip which was the jewellery that I was obsessed with last month, but I find that they don't tarnish as easily. My Gogo Philip bracelet tarnished within a week. The Galibardy jewellery also comes in a pouch (I love little extras like that) and the Gogo Philip stuff does not.  Overall, I much prefer Galibardy jewellery for the uniqueness, artistic creations, and better overall just better craftsmanship/quality.

You can find her stuff at

Have a fantastic warm Friday :)

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