Thursday, May 16, 2013

Galibardy Rocks My World

I can't believe I only just learned about this indie jewellery maker based right in London.  The creativity, the energy, and the raw style that exudes from this brand has just made it my #1 jewellery brand for 2013.  That place was recently held by Gogo Philip, but there is just something very authentic about this brand that just has me in love.  Here are a few pieces that really stuck out to me and have made it onto my wishlist.

£21 found here

£22 found here

£21 found here

£18 found here

I feel an Egyptian 80's revival up in here! I can't wait to grab some of these necklaces. Swoon!

Check out more of her pieces at
and get 20% off your purchases with code: TOKKIANDOLIVER20.
Valid until Monday so get yours fast x

What do you all think of these?
Let me know which ones are your favourite?

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