Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lush cosmetics bubble bar in Magic Mushroom and The Carrot

Hello there :)  Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.

I'm excited to finally indulge myself and use my Lush bubble bars.  I'm such a hoarder and I need to stop.  A while ago, I had a chat with a co-worker about how we should use our products instead of hiding them away for that rainy day. So I decided to photograph the two products that I've been holding onto because I thought they were too adorable to use.  So here they are in all their adorable glory and I shall be using them up in the next couple of days.


I love the soft and mild vanilla scent and let's be honest, look how adorable it is.

Magic mushroom is a retro product and is available online for a limited time.  You can get yours here.


The carrot has a unique scent to it that I have never smelled before so I looked up the ingredients and there is something called Bucchu oil in there that smells like blackcurants.  I love how they added this oil and that's exactly the smell that drew me in.

The carrot was a limited edition Easter product, but it doesn't mean it'll never come back.  You can still get it if you buy the Spring tin gift set or the Mr. Hoppy giftset.

So if you can grab it, definitely grab this reusable bubble bar x

Ok it's going to hurt using these, but I'll try my best to enjoy it haha.

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