Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Swap with The Button Boxx

Today I woke up to the doorbell of the postman bringing me my swapbox from Ashley at The Button boxx.  It feels like Christmas yet again.  I absolutely enjoy doing these monthly swaps with my dear Ash! This month she decided to spoil me with nail polish. Oh she knows me far too well :) So here is my massive box...

Look at this! No really! look how awesome this is. I don't know why, but I was so giddy when I saw this.  Clever and fun...this is going on my bulletin board for sure with all my other cards and lovely notes from fellow bloggers and online friends!!

And now onto my box...

It's quite funny when someone sends you a mystery box, and you open it and it has items in there that you actually needed.  She read my mind! First off, I was moaning to DH about how I hate spending money on cotton wool. Yes yes I know it's cheap, but I'm the type of person that hates spending money on necessities and won't hesitate to drop £20 on a nail polish :X lol.

Anyhoo...yes back to the box :) She also read my mind by giving me the exact (and I mean exact) nail buffer and file that I always keep in my drawers.  Its my favourite, and I just had to the bin my last one and now I have one. haha.  Also, the rebel nails that are included are the same rebel nails that I was coveting when she did her glossybox reveal, and I never asked her for them, but somehow she "knew" and now they are mine! hahah

Overall, I'm so excited! I got a huge array of nail polish, samples, things for my hair and even a Rocks by Giles Deacon pearl necklace.  I was telling Ashley how it's the type of jewellery that I love. I absolutely adore the classic pearl that is caged in an edgy yet feminine "frame". She knows me so well now hahaha.

Definitely check out The Button boxx, she always has the latest and greatest of fashion on her blog!  Thanks again Ashley!! xx

And once you're done, check out my blog giveaway if you haven't entered yet.  This is the 50 followers blog giveaway. I will have another one at 75, and that doesn't seem that far away either now xx

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  1. It looks like you got some great things!
    I love swapping, it's so exciting. :)