Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wah Nails Experiment: Glitter Gradient Nails

You won't even believe what I did today.  While I tried to do some home improvements, and put up some hooks on the door, I got super glue all over my left hand.  The same hand that I use to take NOTD photos with.  The same hand that I've been having issues with dry patches of skin too.  So glue all over my hands, wrists, and thumb.  Not a good look lol.  I spent all day trying to get it off of me, but instead it just made my hands super sore, and just white and patchy.  But with some acetone, and warm water and soap, after a few hours I finally got it off of me.  What a pain in the a$$!

Well, I did manage to get my first try of the Wah nails.  I am starting easy.  I have no tools or anything.  I only have nail polish, so I wanted to start with something that didn't need any tooks.  The glitter gradient nails are gorgeous.  I'm absolutely loving this.  I will however do some updated versions later, but for is my first attempt at gradient nails.

Nail polishes used in the order I used them.

Essie's Fill the Gap
I used this as the basecoat
Once it dried, then I applied two layers of

Models Own - Grey Day
One that dried, I painted a rough french manicure with

Leighton Denny's Diamond Diva 
After that has dried, I applied 

Paul & Joe #34 (medium size glitter polish)
I applied this only to the middle of the nail.
This will help blend the rough lines of the french manicure
Then I applied over the full nail

Revlon's Belle
You want to use a polish that has big and small glitters to finish off the gradient look.
And finally finished off with

Seche Top Coat

I think next time I'm going to use a muted pale blue, or black to make the silver nail polish stick out.  I also regret not using Deborah Lippmann's Today is a Fairytale to finish off the look.  Nothing says Diamonds than a nail polish that has diamond dust in it :)

I hope you enjoy this look! 

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