Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stratton England Vintage Compact Powder

I always say how there should be a revival of compacts in this day and age, but I seem to the be only one lol.  My mother in law pulled out this gorgeous compact to show me how proper they made things back in the day.  It's true, our compacts now come in plastic cases, and it's not like we don't pay a lot for it.  I mean geez, some of our makeup cost up to £100, and we still get plastic cases.  It made me think that something is definitely wrong with today's beauty industry.

I just find this so gorgeous! The sterling silver plated compact is heavy and just so ornate. Yes, it's not my "style", but I can still appreciate that this is what women pulled out of their bags in the 50's.  I didn't have the heart to tell my mother in law not to wear the blush since it's way too old, but I did tell her that it is gorgeous.

A compact like that is just chic! I'm feeling a bit jipped at the moment haha.

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