Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Nail Polish Haul: Nars, Ciate, Topshop

I can't resist freebies, so I went on Friday to pick up the new Marie Claire magazine to get my free Ciate polish.  I think the purple is going really really fast.  I should have gone thursday doh! But my lazy butt wanted to go Friday so I could do several things in one sha-bang. So I was lucky to finally find the purple pollish after the 3rd shop that I stopped by.

This is my haul yesterday, including an ebay purchase that arrived as well. I'm in purple heaven my friends.

Top Shop Adornment (flakie goodness all up in here!!)
Ciate's Paint Pot in Wait until Dark
Nars - Tokaido Express

With the Ciate polish, this month we also got a nice size deluxe travel size Dove hair therapy express treatment hair conditioner.  So that was a lovely little bonus :)

Isn't she beautiful????

Then, while I was in town taking care of some errands, I found on the street a tiny little gold ring.  I took a look and saw that it was in fact marked, and seeing as I would never wear this ring, I just went to one of those turn your cash into gold places and got £25!!!

That £25 was a god sent, seriously ladies....
so of course I wanted to blow it all, but I resisted and will be saving most of it.
I did however wander into topshop....bad move.

I walked out with this beautiful purple flakie polish.
Adornment will just have to take care of me until I get my hands on Nfu Oh's 51.

Up next will be a comparison swatch. I guess I am a creature of habit after all.

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling the purple craze?

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