Monday, August 15, 2011

My Jewellery Haul: Topshop & Charity Shopping

Another thing I can't resist is jewellery, especially when it's black or gold or gunmetal....add spikes in it, I'm sold. I don't wear real jewellery, because I'm always losing it, so to me there is nothing better than getting costume jewellery for bargain prices.

I wanted to share with you my jewellery haul from charity shopping and from topshop
 (god I love that shop!)

My haul

This is my favourite piece to date.  This is actually black leather set in a gold plated bracelet.  I found this at a charity shop for only £1.50, and I absolutely love it.  I don't own anything like this in my stash.

I love spikes, so I picked up this set from topshop for only £1.50 (rrp £5), and the two circle earrings at a charity shop for 25p together. 

And last but definitely not least.  I can't believe this huge, chunky gunmetal necklace was only £1.50.  I mean what kind of profit are these huge retail stores making that they can get away with selling these at £1.50 each and still make something out of it!  This was £12.50 originally, but I'm happy to have paid £1.50.

What good bargains have you picked up this week?

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