Friday, August 19, 2011

Shopping Haul: Chanel, True Religion, Topshop & More

Shopping with friends is always so much more fun!  I was bad and I did break my ban :( but to be fair, I didn't spend a lot, and I just couldn't resist the deals, and once you see my haul, I hope you can agree with me why I couldn't resist.

I couldn't say no to this necklace at £1.50 from topshop.

I actualy love this scent by True Religion.  I hate their ads, and their packaging, but this perfume reminds me of D&G's Light Blue. So when I saw this 80% sticker on it, I was quite interested. I had to find out how much it was, and at £2.66 I COULD NOT RESIST.  
The lotion smells soooo good!

Now anyone who talks to me, knows I've been dying to get my hands on these eye creams by Chanel! I absolutely wanted them, and I am so happy to get a hold of them.  They are £22.50, but I got mine for £2.50 because I had a £20 voucher that I accumulated up using the Debenhams Beauty card program!  Bargain at £2.50!!!!!!
I picked up Illusoire and was able to try them all, and I never said this about a collection before, but I really want them all!

So far my total isn't that bad, and I really could have just been happy with spending £6.76, but my friend wanted to go into H&M, and I'm so glad she did.
Coming in at a whopping £10, I got myself this army military style jacket!!!

I absolutely love this look, and this jacket comes with a hood, which is so necessary in rainy England.  It fit with a little room left for some bulky clothes underneath if necessary, and at £10 I'm just so happy to have picked this up (the only one left in clearance too)!

So yes I spent £16.76 and I was on a ban :( but now you see why I couldn't resist buying these things.  I really couldn't resist, and I wanted to share this haul with you guys, because there are still some really good summer sales out there! So go now before it's all over.


  1. High five! You're the queen of bargain hunting!

  2. I've really been lusting after the Chanel shadows maybe I'll try saving my beauty card points up too and treat myself to one later this year.

  3. Thanks Legacy!

    Kat - I would definitely do that. I mean I did that and there is nothing like shelling out only £2.50 for a new Chanel cream eyeshadow. I'm going to do a separate blog post, but they are worth every single penny!!!! They are divine :)