Friday, August 19, 2011

I love MUJI

Hands down...Muji is my favourite place to shop for storage accessories and solutions. I know Muji is hot right now for their acrylic storage solutions, but did you know they do a whole range of other things?  It's great.  There is something to this understated (and quite pricey) and chic Japanese chain that I'm just loving right now.  It is pricey for what they are asking, but they present it all so well, and I have fallen prey. 

I picked up two pill boxes from them off of ebay for half the retail price.  It's ashame that they came with broken clasps, but I'll manage.  Initially, I was going to use them to depot some lipsticks, but I noticed they had a slit on the dividing walls so that wouldn't work.  So I decided instead to use it to storage my small studs and such.

They are small and compact, and I like the frosty look as well.

You can purchase these at MUJI online or at the shops for £1.50 each.

I will be blogging soon about my other Muji storage solutions that I have as well.

How do you all store your jewellery? accessories? makeup?

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