Friday, August 5, 2011

Shopping Trip Photos

I had to meet up with someone today in town, so I made the best out of it by stopping by all my usual places; Boots, Superdrugs, TJ Hughes (everything is now 40% off, but not much left), TK Maxx (UK's TJ Maxx), and charity shopping.  I saw some really good deals, so I'm here to show you all.  I did do a little hauling (but of course!) but the sun is down now and so I'll have to post them up tomorrow when I can get some good shots xx

Anyways, let me show you guys some of the deals I saw that were really good, so if you like them, I'd check out your local stores.

First up,
At Debenhams,
A discounted (further discounted) 
MAVALA Nail polish set

That's not bad for 9 Mavala nail polishes

Also at Debenhams 

There were a bunch of these black leather tri-folded makeup bags
and when I opened them, they came with 3 Ciate polishes.
Ciate retails for £9 each,
so for a set of 3 Ciate's for only £8.52 was a bargain.
Buy one get 2 free basically, plus a black makeup bag.

I really wanted to splurge and buy this set, because I absolutely LOVE Twilight (the middle polish), but I restrained myself.  It is the same likeness as Butter London's Wallis, Dior's Czarina Gold, and D&G Stromboli.  It is a beautiful black polish with gold flakie/glitters.
Swwoonnnn....but I should restraint since there were roughly 20 in the clearance section. So I'm testing my luck to see if they will decrease in price a little more :)

 Then at TK Maxx,
There was a 
Revlon polish set
for £7.99, it had inside: Lunar, Star, Belle, and one last purple creme polish that I couldn't make out.

Next stop...Superdrugs!
I never noticed this brand, but I have to show you all
2 True Nail Polish
2true is pretty inexpensive at £1.99 each or 3 for £5.
They had your typical range of colours like most chemist brands, BUT...
and I mean BUT...
#40 and #16 were DIVINE!
40 is a gritty steel colour with a mixture of microglitter in a rainbow shade.
It's hard to tell in the photo, but it was quite interesting 
#16 was just this beautiful jewel-tone purple/blue slightly duochrome shimmer polish.
I was on a time crunch, but I think I'm definitely going back for them.

Also at Superdrugs was the new Gosh nail polish collection.
I wasn't really keen on them, because they were all straight creme, but the colours are very nice for this fall.

Then my tired behind went to Boots, AND...
it's FINALLY here!!!!

 Garnier BB Cream.
RRP £9.99 
I'm surprised there wasn't a promo for that, I'll wait and see if they will do a special on this soon, since it is a big craze and it is the UK's first BB Cream to hit the market.

So that is my beauty picks for today.  I hope you guys like it, and I highly recommend all the products that I photographed.  

Tomorrow, I'll definitely take photos of my haul 
until then....Happy shopping xx


  1. I thought I was the queen of bargain hunting . . . but you'r the clear winner lol.
    Debenhams have some fab sales huh, sounds silly but I keep forgetting to go into Tkmaxx. Ahh cant wait for pay day, I need to try get some of these bargains!!


  2. Practice makes perfect ;) lol

    Yes, hope you can get them, if you aren't able to get them where you are, let me know, and I can check go back to mine xx

  3. Whoa. Garnier is making BB Cream??

    And I want to reach into that picture of the GOSH display and turn all those polishes right side up. It's really annoying me that they're upside down. :P

  4. Well while the US gets high end brands doing BB creams, we have Garnier haha.
    And yeah the Gosh display is like that because my superdrugs is g-h-e-t-t-o ! lol