Thursday, August 25, 2011

NOTD: No 7 Violetta

I've been eyeing this for quite some time, but have never taken the plunge.  When I saw it in the swap box that Ashley from button boxx gave me, I knew this was going to be my NOTD.  It's a beautiful blue purple.  It took one coat to be completely opaque and drying time wasn't bad at all.  I don't like these No 7 brushes, because they are too long and that makes it more difficult to control, but the colour is worth it.  It is slightly more blue than my favourite "blurple" Chanel's Vendetta, but it is quite edgy on it's own accord.

 The stripe in the middle is Orly's Cotton Candy (another polish in my swap box).  It is a sheer baby pink, but when I made the line it really created a beautiful moody lilac.  Fantastic. 

Hope you enjoyed this colour.  Remember boots does have a £5 voucher off any No 7 product, so make sure you use your vouchers and save that £5.  I believe these are £7.75 otherwise.

Well I know what I'll be doing tonight! Soaking and fixing my cuticles, damn! hahahaha

And while I do that, I hope you'll pop over to my blog giveaway xx

Until next time, take it ez! :) xx

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